Sylvia Roldán Dohi

From Broadway to Boardrooms

Sylvia Roldán Dohi

They told her that a scrawny kid like her would never dance on Broadway. She performed in a hit musical on Broadway for 10 years. And when her husband suffered a severe Traumatic Brain Injury, they told her to put him in an institution; he’d never recover. 13 years later, her husband is back in college learning to help other brain injury survivors.

Sylvia knows how to achieve hard things. She used Positive Psychology methods to help guide her husband to recovery and has empowered many at all professional levels to solve problems innovatively, communicate effectively, face change and uncover the best in themselves and those around them. This can build the people-power we need today.

Some of the industries she has worked with include: Finance, Law, Biotech & Pharma, Education, Fashion, Retail, Industry, Energy, Tech, Not-for-Profit, Transportation and Media to groups all over the world.

What she knows

  • Certified Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner
  • Certified Flourishing Skills Facilitator Specialization in Inspired
  • Trained in Positive Neuroplasticity
  • Studied with Human Rights leader Loretta Ross

What she does really well:

  • An engaging and effective storyteller, who encourages others to share their stories for learning and healing
  • Rollerblade – she skates 10 miles 3 x’s per week at Mission Beach, CA

You don’t say:

  • One of El Diario/La Prensa’s 50 Most Distinguished Hispanic Women in NYC, 1997
  • The Spokes-singer for the United Way’s Asian American Pacific Islander campaign 1996
  • Ran her own VoiceOver/Audiobook production company

What she’s done

  • Created Spanish VoiceOver program for top NYC studio
  • Helped raise money for BC/EFA