Nick Robinson

Recovering CEO, former Fax Expert

Nick Robinson

Nick has over twenty years’ experience as an educator, trainer, coach and leader, with a deep curiosity for people and a passion for psychology. His areas of speciality are inclusion, innovation, productivity and technology leadership. He’s delivered training, coaching and keynote speeches in over 150 different organisations around the world – to audiences ranging from interns and graduates through to CEOs and board members. Nick’s career journey has taken him from distributing faxes (thousands and thousands of faxes!) to advertising salespeople in the pre-email 1990s, through to founding and leading a successful educational technology (EdTech) business. On the way, he’s never really left teaching, whether formally or informally, via actual classroom teaching, academic publishing, coaching and mentoring. Originally from London, he lives in northern Spain with his three kids, which is as nice as it sounds (living in Spain, that is, not having three kids).

What he knows

  • BA Hispanic Studies and French, King’s College London (KCL)
  • Certified Mind Gym Senior Coach

What he’s done

  • Spent nearly half his life in the world of learning and development
  • Established himself as a thought leader in the EdTech space
  • Founded and led a thriving EdTech business with seven-figure annual turnover

What he does really well

  • Connects with people quickly, building trust and psychological safety
  • Asks great questions, inspiring openness and candour
  • Speaks quickly (this isn’t actually a good thing)


  • Nick has cerebral palsy and can answer any questions you might have about it
  • Nick stepped away from his successful business because he fell out of love with it, and he hasn’t regretted it for a moment.