Connection. Connection. Connection

Monica Kleijn Evason

Leadership can be lonely. Monica knows how that feels after she was catapulted into a leadership role at a young age at an International Brand Design Agency. She likes to think of herself as a partner in first time leadership development, bringing a global perspective to the table with Italian roots, Dutch heritage and 12 years of life in Spain. Her passion lies in action centred learning and effective communication.She thrives on inspiring change through human connection and the art of natural storytelling. Life threw her some curve balls that she managed to turn into her superpower as a change ninja, leaning heavily on the latest break throughs in applied neuro science. She simplifies the complicated; keeps things very real and tries to remember multiple times a day to find the funny. Monica works with first time leaders in : Pharma, Hospitals, Banking, Education, Media, Retail, FMCG, Energy, & Not-for-Profit.

What she knows

  • Brain based leadership communication skills (certified by Neuro leadership Institute)
  • DISC personality profiling
  • Bilingual trainer– Spanish & English

What she’s done

  • How are you really” campaign for Barcelona hospitals during Covid
  • Published ”Tumor Me” book with young brain tumour survivors
  • Worked with Amy Edmonson – the Beyonce of behavioural science

What she does really well

  • Create energy in a room
  • Share a story that get’s people thinking differently
  • Cook the tastiest lasagna

You don’t say

  • Carmen in the flamenco version of Carmen in Madrid, Spain
  • Shocked friends by appearing in the B&Q Christmas 2010 TV commercial with the whole family
  • Persuaded 720 people to stand in the rain on the top of a hill in a human “NO”