Martin Keogh

Strategist, wine buff and serial learner

Martin Keogh

Martin has over twenty-five years’ experience in senior roles across the telecoms and new media industries, starting with marketing space satellites before moving onto the early days of mobile telephony and then on-line services. His experience ranges from developing marketing strategies to managing global product development and customer experience. Martin has recently embarked on his third career. After returning from a 3-year stint working overseas for a major telco he decided he had done with the corporate world and re-trained as a teacher of mathematics and economics. Recently retired from the interactive white board-face, he is now indulging his passion for wine and education by working in an independent wine shop and delivering tutored tastings to a varied audience. Martin is a proud Essex boy (though you would never guess) who spent time living abroad in France and Australia and now resides in leafy South Oxfordshire with his wife and cat.

What he knows

  • BSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University College London (UCL)
  • MBA, London Business School
  • BA English Literature, Open University
  • BSc Mathematics and its learning, Open University

What he’s done

  • Developed market launch strategy for a major mobile telco
  • Managing Director of an online directory business
  • Taught A level further mathematics and economics

What he does really well

  • Looks beyond the short term to keep focus on the end game
  • Tells great stories as a way of personalising his experience
  • Brings a sense of calm and order to the boardroom/classroom

Who would have thought it!

  • Martin won an Oscar in his youth (Sadly awarded by a local paper, not Hollywood)
  • Martin is a failed novelist whose book explaining quantum physics through personal relationships failed to find a publisher – can’t think why!