Tom Mortimer

From The Digital Revolution to Artificial Intelligence

Tom Mortimer

For 25 years Tom was a digital creative and strategy director, based in London but employed extensively across the world with over 250 FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 clients within over ten sectors from Finance and Insurance, to Retail Travel and Mobile Technology. Over time, Tom became increasingly interested in the psychology behind customer behaviours. He now uses business psychology to complement his creative, analytical and strategic capabilities Tom now gets stuff done for companies and helps get their staff on the the job and on their game. And Tom is now a qualified practitioner of Artificial Intelligence – helping boards and workforces learn about, implement and embrace these new technologies.

What he knows

  • BA Business Management – UCL
  • Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner – University of Oxford

What he’s done

  • 25 Years Communications Agency owner
  • 250 Clients across the world
  • Digitisation of the workplace

What he does really well:

  • Sees what tech can do – started with fax machines, now on Large Language Models.
  • People – 1% staff turnover in 25 years, and now 7 years business psychology practice
  • Ski – started at 2 1/2 years old.

You don’t say:

  • Dj at the Ministry of Sound – Saturday nights
  • Was a gameshow host in his youth.
  • Helped implement the Wifi service on the London Underground