Creating Spaces for Humans to Work Well Together

Lisa Mickey

“You quickly understand and easily articulate my deepest fears and failures in a way that brings hope and not shame” is a common praise Lisa receives. Fluent, conversationally and experientially, in Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Safety, and Intelligent Failure, Lisa brings levity, depth, analysis, and solutions-orientation to every situation. She doesn’t waste time tickling ears and egos – rather, she focuses on quickly developing rapport and trust in order to dive directly into meaningful dialog that produces immediate mindset shifts to unlock hidden potential and opportunity. Lisa has worked with individuals and teams across industries and organizational levels, creating results with those facing real challenges who are ready for real solutions.


  • BA – Commmunications, TIU
  • Certified Professional Coach, IPEC
  • Hamburger U – BOC, IOC, AOC


  • cDonald’s GM at age of 20
  • Completed BA as full-time employee
  • Navigated parallel reality of proton therapy due to ocular melanoma

What she believes

  • Home life and work life are not two competing stations to manage separately but rather, two overlapping realities to navigate graciously
  • Inclusion is not a set of skills we check from a list but rather a way of being in relation to self and others that can be identified by observable behaviors
  • Self-awareness determines the limit of our personal potential; awareness of others determines the limit of our leadership potential

How she operates

  • Quick wit, holistic vision, strategic thought
  • Scientific method – form hypothesis, outline plan, experiment, assess results, modify
  • Upbeat, action-oriented, non-judgemental