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About us
Unconsultants Making a Difference
The Unofficial Guide to Us – every now and then the right people find each other for the right reason. Meet the “unconsultants”: no sharp suits , no death by PowerPoint slides, and no endless strategic focusing. Instead we focus on you. You want culture change, we’ll make it happen. You want your people thinking about problems, not pushing up against them, we open up the view. Making a difference is our jam.

How we get stuff done

To make professional development make more sense, we work in Labs, concocting solutions that target practical results. Depending on your specific needs, we will craft active events where your people join in the experiments that drive learning home. These labs can involve one or multiple labs, such as Workshops, Motivational talks, Webinars, Fireside chats, e-Learning modules, training curricula and facilitated sessions.

Coaching Lab

Some people call this coaching, but really it’s about nudging people towards a better place. Amplify your professional game plan,

Training Lab

Education, education, education. When you know more, you can do more. Use our Education, education, education. When you know more you can do more

E-learning Lab

Why travel to the Himalayas for wisdom when you can gain it in your pyjamas? Practical enlightenment, one online course at a time where you can choose from a vast array

Inclusion Lab

It’s a no brainer, really. More inclusive organization = more collaboration = better solutions. In this Lab we unlearn as much as we learn. It’s about creating a culture

Intercultural Lab

We don’t just live in a global community, we are part of a multiverse of unique perspectives and working styles. Expand on your cultural intelligence to connect

Facilitation Lab

Break down barriers, foster creativity, and harness collective intelligence through our expertly facilitated sessions. Ever seen an all-star sports team that underperforms?
Who we work with
We work best with clients who take their coffee black, their goals seriously, and have a no-nonsense attitude—because life’s too short for fluff. So are our learning solutions. If you prefer straight talk and a dash of wit with your professional development, we’re here to help.

We serve Fortune 500 companies, sole proprietors, NGO’s, educators and everything in between.


Most frequent questions and answers

We can’t guarantee spandex and capes, but we’ll certainly help you unleash your inner awesomeness.
We offer a range of coaching services tailored to personal and professional development, including leadership coaching, career coaching, and life coaching. Our expert coaches work collaboratively to help you achieve your specific goals.
The coaching process typically involves an initial and free chat to understand your objectives and challenges.If coaching is for you, we agree on a timeline. Sessions are conducted either in person or virtually, focusing on targeted discussions, goal setting, and action planning. Our coaches provide ongoing support to ensure sustained progress.
why choose us
Unique Approach
Our ‘unconsultants’ offer a distinctive approach – no sharp suits, no generic PowerPoint slides. We focus on you, tailoring our services to your specific needs. Our commitment is to make a real impact, not just deliver strategies.
Our testimonials showcase successful, meaningful change for clients.
Adrian Perez
Meet our team
Meet The Experts.

At Unconsultants, we’re not your typical consultants – we’re a vibrant and innovative crew ready to shake up the traditional norms. Our diverse team is a blend of talent, creativity, and a passion for thinking outside the box. Allow us to introduce you to the faces behind the magic.

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