Redefining Peak Performance

Abigail Ireland

For over a decade, Abi enjoyed a banking career in the London and Sydney markets – working in deal teams completing multi-million dollar transactions in the private equity space before moving into strategic roles. Whilst in Australia, Abi deepened her passion for fitness and health by upskilling as a fitness professional and nutrition coach. She realised that true top performance isn’t just about technical ability – it’s about optimising mindset, human performance and ways of working. These days, she intertwines these three aspects to uplevel executive and team performance all over the world. Abi combines psychology, productivity strategies and physiological factors including nutrition, sleep and physical training to enable clients to bring their A-Game and achieve brilliance on a sustainable basis.

What she knows

  • Qualified Executive Coach
  • Chartered Banker (CIOB)
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

What she’s done

  • 10 years in finance
  • Award-winning banker
  • Start-up founder and mentor
  • Clients across all continents

What she does really well

  • Constantly developing new skills, from business and web development to NLP and Pilates
  • Building networks and connections – unlocking opportunities to make change happen
  • Push ups – can do 25 full push ups in a row

You don’t say

  • Launched a movement to inspire pro-planetary behaviour change in organisations
  • Founded a language learning marketplace with over 300 tutors across 5 continents
  • Achieved MENSA score of 150 at age 10
  • Has a ’pet’ woodpigeon that has been visiting for over 6 years